Some Linux Problems and their workarounds

Here we will discuss some of the problems that I faced while using Linux and what are the things that I did to solve them. Following will be discussed here

    Installing a .bundle file

    • Change the permissions that the current user has for the file, the current user needs to have execution privileges for the file
    • Use “chmod a+x <filename>
    • this command will execution privileges to owner user, owner group and others in the system
    • Just run the command “./<filename>

    Installing Anaconda

    • Same as above, we need to change the privileges of the “” file using the “chmod a+x <filename>” command
    • Then run the file using “./filename
    • After doing this, whenever you open a terminal you will go into the anaconda base terminal to disable that you need to run “conda config –set auto_activate_base false

    User Not a Sudoer

    • Get into the grub loader
    • Goto advanced options for Ubuntu
    • and then select the recovery mode
    • Goto root and press enter
    • mount -o rw, remount /
    • adduser username <username>
    • copy the created sudoer file to the sudoers.original
      • cp /etc/sudoers /etc/sudoers.original
    • then enter the visudo to change the permission for all the added user
    • and set the permission for the sudoers file
      • chmod 0440 /etc/sudoers
      • exit

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